Imagine a world where safe drinking water is not a scarcity.

We have envisioned it...
... And we are doing everything we can, to make it come true.

About us

NoBriner is a startup launched in 2018 November focusing on revolutionising the desalination industry by offering an ecologically harmless way to manage and handle reject brine.

Reject brine is a toxic byproduct of desalination regardless of the operating factories' scale. Current methods involve dilution, discharge, or (ground)storage, all of which damage the environment heavily, in a number of ways. Aside from harmful pollution, discharging diluted brine back into the ocean raises the overall salinity of the seas/oceans in the vicinity of the desalination plant, making it harder and harder for the factories to work on the same efficiency levels.

As more and more regions become increasingly dependent on desalination processes as the main fresh water source, it is of utmost importance that desalination becomes a sustainable practice not just on the industrial-, community-level too.

Therefore we have chosen to, first-and-foremost, focus on "off-grid" communities whom struggle on a daily basis to have access to safe drinking water. By providing a solution for the toxic by-product, we enable these communities to develop their own desalination project, and by continuously operating our solution we create jobs for the local workforce.  

Sustainable Desalination

We provide a solution for small-, and medium-scale desalination projects making the whole desalination process clean.

Access to safe drinking water

By enabling a sustainable desalination, we provide a solution for off-grid communities to establish a permanent source of safe drinking water.

Local job creation

Our concept also aims to create jobs for the local community, further improving the conditions in rural areas worldwide.


Our service consists of two parts in order to tackle, and manage reject brine from desalination processes, we offer a machine that converts this toxic waste to a commodity product, salt. As the nature of desalination, it is an ongoing process, meaning that NoBriner also offers the monitoring, and maintenance of the machine, for community-level users this creates local jobs for the workforce, with the promise of related skills training. The second part of our service, is handling the end product of the brine management processes, which we sell to our partners, ensuring that our profits come from commercial clients and not by exploiting communities' needs.


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